Unreasonable Mentors

Sydney Price

Founder & CEO The Knew Purpose | Purpose + Profit + Social Impact

Sydney is an Unreasonable Mentor. Sydney was part of Unreasonable GOALS 2018, and has advised over 16 Unreasonable companies.
Sydney Price is an award-winning executive and Founder & CEO of The Knew Purpose, a conscious leadership company focused on leadership development, business sustainability, and going beyond CSR. She is a dynamic force of executing women’s empowerment and social responsibility initiatives with an unquenchable thirst and entrepreneurial spirit for driving social impact by creating new revenue channels.
Sydney is recognized as a catalyst in business transformation for her abilities to intertwine purpose, profits, and social impact and, as a result, has been awarded “Most Influential Women of the Mid-Level Market” by CEO Connection, 2015. As an ICF certified coach and highly-skilled facilitator, Sydney continues to take her experiences to the next level by empowering other businesses, universities, non-profits, and social entrepreneurs.
Previously, as SVP of Corporate Social Responsibility, at Kate Spade & Company (KSC), Sydney strategically developed, implemented, and led a new, profitable commercial channel within KSC value chain and built a women-focused international Social Enterprise Supplier Model in Rwanda. Sydney’s innovative model was awarded “Best Economic Empowerment Program” from the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation in 2015 and was studied and endorsed by Georgetown University in 2017. Prior to this role, she was SVP of Direct to Consumer and Global Merchandising at KSC and held multiple leadership positions at Neiman Marcus Group.
Sydney earned her Bachelor’s degree from San Diego State University where she studied Psychology. 
Through The Knew Purpose, Sydney works with executives, companies and communities to create a better world.