Unreasonable Fellows

Taras Wankewycz

H3 Dynamics Pte. Ltd. at H3 Dynamics

Taras is an Unreasonable Fellow. Taras has participated in 1 program, including Unreasonable Impact UK & Europe 2022.
Taras Wankewycz is the Founder and CEO of H3 Dynamics, a Singapore-based aviation company on a mission to decarbonise air mobility. Taras is a deep tech entrepreneur with 19 years of business building experience across Asia.
He turns emerging tech into commercial platforms across a broad range of applications, from enterprise solutions to consumer retail, and from industrial solutions to aerospace. Before founding H3 Dynamics, Taras co-founded Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies, the parent company of Hyzon Motors and a global leader in hydrogen fuel cell technologies; Horizon Educational, a global specialist in clean energy STEM educational products for schools worldwide; HES Energy Systems, an air mobility research lab focused on PEM fuel cell energy storage for long range electric flight; and H3 Zoom.AI, the world's first cloud-based, AI-enabled infrastructure inspection micro-services marketplace.