Unreasonable Fellows

Tessa Callaghan

Co-founder & CEO at Keel Labs

Tessa is an Unreasonable Fellow. Tessa was part of Unreasonable Impact Americas 2023.
Tessa is the Co-Founder and CEO of Keel Labs, an innovation platform expanding the potential of the ocean to accelerate the planet’s development towards a more sustainable future. With a background in design and innovation, Tessa is leading the global expansion and adoption of Keel Labs’ flagship product, Kelsun. Working across the value chain, Tessa connects and aligns partners, brands, and manufacturers to achieve their sustainability goals and transform the textile ecosystem. Her mission is to create a bridge between disparate fields to create innovative solutions at a global scale.
Before co-founding Keel Labs, Tessa worked in textile development and apparel design in various industries, experiencing first-hand the challenges and requirements for the industry to deploy lasting, positive change.