Unreasonable Mentors

Tom De Blasis

a designer that believes this world isn't finished, because our only problems are ones that we've created...therefore we can solve them as we re-design our world

Tom is an Unreasonable Mentor. Tom has participated in 2 programs, including Unreasonable GOALS 2018, and has advised over 27 Unreasonable companies.
Tom believes that the so-called problems of our time are tremendous opportunities for transformation in which design will play a key role in realizing the potential held within them. For the last 15 years he has been designing, innovating, and leading global strategy and teams in the social sector – and for over 30 years Tom has been using HCD and innovation to creatively solve problems in the private sector.
Tom is the founder of the (tbd) collective, an irregular social impact design & innovation practice that is determined to work collectively towards eradicating the world’s toughest problems. Previously he was the Global Design & Innovation Director at the Nike Foundation, where he led the creation of, and accelerated access to, tools that girls in poverty around the world can use to unleash their potential and create the Girl Effect. Prior to that Tom served as a Global Design Director for Nike Football (Soccer) and for Nike on the London 2012 Olympics, exploring how sport can be a game changing force for social good.