Unreasonable Fellows

Tracy O'Rourke

CEO at Vivid Edge

Tracy is an Unreasonable Fellow. Tracy was part of Unreasonable Impact UK & Europe 2021.
Tracy is founder and CEO of Vivid Edge, helping large multinationals reduce carbon emissions with zero out of pocket costs.
Following a corporate career in financial services, Tracy wanted to build a commercial business with social impact.  She has led a dedicated team from concept to market validation, securing a multimillion-euro revenue stream, a €30m+ project funding facility and an exciting sales pipeline.
Vivid Edge is a multi-award-winning business & Tracy is:
·        Fellow of the Cartier International Woman’s Initiative, a global award for female impact entrepreneurs
·        A Top 100 Woman in Social Enterprise 2021 (European Social Enterprise Network)
·        Participating in the Amazon Prime TV Docuseries ‘The Social Movement’
Tracy is independent director of:
·        Aviva Ireland (insurance)
·        A Greater Good Foundation, a not-for-profit that helps disadvantaged youth succeed.
Her ambition is to change the way energy efficiency is delivered globally. She believes climate action targets are achievable with a different way of thinking.