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Automating ESG and sustainability scores for over 70,000 companies around the world

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Emanuela Vartolomei

CEO & Founder at All Street SEVVA

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Employees 6–20
Headquarters London, England, United Kingdom
All Street SEVVA is an AI/ML-powered engine that automatically calculates ESG and sustainability ratings based on the UN SDGs for all 70,000 publicly listed companies. Their cognitive AI robots, developed over the past four years in partnership with the University of Cambridge, can instantly read millions of ESG data points from the vast data lake of sustainability sources. They assess over 500 cognitive data points for each company, analyze both the SDG and GRI levels, and provide relative sustainability rankings based on the company's market cap size and industry. This enables benchmarking capabilities for both individual companies and financial institutions. Additionally, the platform is built for dynamic, real-time analytics and constantly updates its sustainability rankings when new data sources are released.

Notable Achievements

  • Launched freemium model of SEVVA platform to bring free ESG datasets into the public domain.
  • As a leading ESG firm, was elected to join the UK delegation at New York Climate Week in 2021.
  • Platform's "cognitive robots" can search through more than 50 TB of data and hundreds of millions of documents in real-time.

Currently Operating in Two Regions

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