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Using the planet's natural resources without destroying nature to develop cosmetics, food, and home care products.

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Nicolás Cock Duque

Chairman and co-founder at EcoFlora

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EcoFlora Life is a group of three pioneer companies developing plant extract based bio-solutions for 'Life on Earth Protection'. EcoFlora Agro develops botanical based biopesticides for crop and life protection and offer cleaner alternatives to potentially contaminant, synthetic, and non-renewable biocides. Farmers using Ecoflora Agro products have produced over 6 million tons of food and goods in a safer and more sustainable way. EcoFlora Cares develops natural ingredients for the food and cosmetics industries and recently discovered a way to make the world's first stable natural blue additive. EcoFlora Home, also known as 'ecohome', develops green home care products. Together, they promote the sustainable use of Colombian biodiversity, and demonstrate that it is possible to obtain benefits from the planet's natural resources without destroying nature or the native communities where they originate.

EcoFlora has been acquired.

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