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Using the planet's natural resources without destroying nature to develop cosmetics, food, and home care products.

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Nicolás Cock Duque

Executive Chair and co-founder at EcoFlora Cares

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Employees 6–20
Headquarters Colombia
Ecoflora exists to nourish a colourful life, naturally.  As a bio-innovations company it develops high value-added natural ingredients and colours from Colombia's botanical biodiversity for the global food and beverage, personal care and cosmetics, pet food, textile, tattoos and dyes and pigments industries.  

Ecoflora works towards a regenerative impact model supported in nature based solutions reliant on rural and indigenous communities to develop the sustainable supply of botanical raw materials, in turn generating novel incentives for the conservation and regeneration of tropical forests and agroecosystems.

Amongst its bioinnovations Ecoflora invented Jagua Blue, the world’s first edible, acid and temperature stable natural blue colour with relevant regulatory clearances internationally. Jagua Blue as a primary color enables a platform for the production of a range of colours through blends with other natural colours relevant for the rapid transition taking place in all industries towards sustainable, renewable, safe, climate and nature positive ingredients and solutions. 

Notable Achievements

  • Raised over US 10 million in blended finance (equity, non-dilutive equity (grants), and debt). Investors include EcoEnterprises Fund, SEAF
  • Developing an acid stable natural blue color for the food and beverages industry "resolving the missing holy grail"
  • Improving sustainable landuse in more than 7,000 has of tropical ecosystems mobilized public private partnerships (P4F, Swiss Contact, GEF)

Currently Operating in Nine Regions

Press Mentions

December 5, 2023

Oterra, Ecoflora ‘complete the full spectrum of natural colors’ with FDA approval of Jagua Blue

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