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Developing the world’s first vegan chicken using peanut protein as a primary ingredient

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Astrid Prajogo

Founder & CEO at Haofood

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Employees 21–50
Headquarters Shanghai, Shanghai, China
Haofood is the pioneer, of using peanut protein as the chief ingredients for our first innovation of plant-based chicken. Based in Shanghai, Haofood was founded in 2020 and currently has a presence in over 2500+ outlets in China. We create our products using Innotein™, our own end-to-end proprietary innovative technology, to develop a variety of plant-based products from peanuts and other plant protein that has a distinctive texture and strong umami taste profile.
While 95% of consumer in China have heard about plant-based meat, 38% of them think that plant-based meat taste awful and only 30% of them think that it tastes good (IPSOS, 2020, China Plant-Based Meat Insight). Taste is indeed the key factor in consumer’s decision making of repurchase. Most people give up due to the bad taste. Thus, an improved taste in plant meat can encourage consumers to consider repurchase. Our solution is to replace the raw material of protein for the plant meat with alternatives, i.e., peanuts.

Notable Achievements

  • Closed seed round of $3.5M in April 2022. Investors include Rich Products Ventures, Big Idea Ventures, and Monde Nissin CEO, Henry Soesanto.
  • Since its founding in 2020, Haofood's team has grown to 20 teammates.
  • Available at 2500+ sales outlet across China

Currently Operating in Two Regions

Press Mentions

April 25, 2023

Plant-based and clean label: China’s Haofood targets the increasingly label-sensitive consumer with latest NPD

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