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Developing ultrathin, flexible zinc-poly batteries that are nontoxic, high energy density, and more environmentally friendly than lithium

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Christine Ho

Cofounder & CEO at Imprint Energy

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Imprint Energy has developed a rechargeable zinc battery well-suited to power the next generation of electronics, including billions of IoT devices, sensors, and wearables. We print batteries! And that's possible because we developed a green, stable, safe, and non-toxic zinc battery chemistry that can be produced with standard commercial print equipment. Imprint’s batteries are thinner than two sheets of paper and have a higher power density than other alternatives. Moreover, the batteries can be “co-manufactured” with sensors, circuitry, and antennas, providing a new way to manufacture integrated devices that is more environmentally friendly and low-cost. Imprint has shipped standard batteries to support commercial product introductions, and manufacturing partners have produced over half a million batteries on standard print equipment. We have had good traction providing a safe, disposable, and label-like power source for logistics smart tags, data loggers, and medical patches, and are making inroads to becoming a defacto green battery chemistry alternative as more product designers and customers demand safer and more sustainable electronic products.

Imprint Energy has been acquired.

Notable Achievements

  • Over $17m from investors including Phoenix Venture Partners, Semtech, Dow Venture Capital, and AME Cloud Ventures.
  • Over 26 patents awarded or pending.
  • Imprint Energy has received multiple best product and innovation awards, including 50 Smartest Companies, Global Cleantech 100, and in the top 46 climate-tech startups to watch in 2021 by Business Insider.

Press Mentions

December 30, 2020

VCs share the 46 climate-tech startups that are set to soar in 2021

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