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Transforming carbon dioxide emissions into alternative protein food and feed ingredients

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David Tze

CEO at NovoNutrients

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Employees 6–20
Headquarters Sunnyvale, California, United States
NovoNutrients is passionate and committed to impacting industrial Carbon Capture Utilization. Its ambitious but achievable mission is to provide sustainable, high-quality protein ingredients for food and feed, turning a significant global environmental issue into a profitable solution.

By harnessing advanced biotechnology, NovoNutrients captures carbon emissions and uses hydrogen from clean energy sources to produce profitable, high-quality protein. It is a more affordable, nutritious, and sustainable source of protein compared to pork, chicken, fish, and plant-based proteins for food or feed use. NovoNutrients has invested $15M in creating a capital-light technology and business model based on licensing and supporting its innovative process and off-take agreements. Their method combats climate change and turns these emissions into a valuable, in-demand product.

Notable Achievements

  • Partnership with Woodside, Australia's most valuable energy company
  • Protein quality better than beef, dramatically better than all plants
  • Low projected cost of manufacturing, tied to site cost of hydrogen

Currently Operating in Six Regions

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