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Creating sustainable thermal packaging made from 100% natural waste wool

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Joanne Howarth

CEO at Planet Protector Packaging

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Employees 6–20
Headquarters Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Planet Protector Packaging (PPP) is on a mission to eliminate polystyrene and become the market leader in sustainable thermal packaging that does not harm the planet. The company has created Woolpack which is their patented technology that uses sheep’s wool destined for the landfill and unsuitable for the textile industry. Sealed inside a protective film and placed within a cardboard carton, Woolpack is independently proven to keep products cold for 72+ hours. Compared to polystyrene, Woolpack significantly reduces a business’ incoming transportation costs, storage costs, and carbon footprint by arriving flat-packed and compressed to 50% of its size. Furthermore, their product performs 32% better at keeping content cool while remaining price competitive.

Notable Achievements

  • Raised 1.25 million in equity crowd fund
  • Founder & CEO, Joanne Howarth, was the first-ever Cartier Women's Initiative Laureate from Australia
  • PPP has to date eliminated 8 million polystyrene boxes form supply chains, diverted 3500 tonnes of waste wool from landfill

Currently Operating in Two Regions

Work at Planet Protector Packaging

Posted March 22, 2023

Quality Manager - NSW (Australia)

Silverwater NSW 2128, Australia

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