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Manufacturing hydrogen-powered fuel cell electric vehicles in order to provide a zero-emission personal transport solution.

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Hugo Spowers

Founder & CEO at Riversimple Movement

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Fiona Spowers

Director at Riversimple Movement

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Employees 6–20
Headquarters United Kingdom
Riversimple is a sustainable car company working to eliminate, systematically, the environmental impact of personal transport. Riversimple's first vehicle, the Rasa, is an electric car powered by hydrogen. With the world moving to replace petrol and diesel cars within 10-20 years, hydrogen fuel cell cars have an important role to play alongside battery electric vehicles.

The Rasa has a decent range, is quick to refuel, emits nothing but pure water vapour and is designed to maximise efficiency while minimising the particulates from tyres and brakes. Rather than selling vehicles, Riversimple will be offering them as part of an all-inclusive, cost-transparent subscription service. It is a business model that makes efficiency profitable without asking the customer to pay a premium for it. Market trials are about to get underway.

Notable Achievements

  • Our first vehicle, the Rasa, is the cleanest car on the roads and delivers the equivalent of 250 mpg
  • 5,000+ people around the world have signed up as potential customers, of whom 3,000+ are in the UK
  • Siemens has recently signed a wide-ranging MoU with Riversimple to support scaling to volume production

Currently Operating in One Region

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