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Swedish Algae Factory

Extracting natural algae material for efficiency enhancement of solar panels, CO2 absorption, and the production of sustainable products

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Sofie Allert

Co-Founder and CEO at Swedish Algae Factory

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Employees 6–20
Headquarters Gothenburg, Västra Götaland County, Sweden
Swedish Algae Factory extracts a material from an algae group called diatoms that is naturally designed for efficient uptake of visible light , blockage of UV light and uptake, release and blocking of chemical substances. This uniquely structured mesoporous silica material is branded under the name Algica. Algica is today sold as a multifunctional (moisturizing, cleansing, rheology modifying, anti-polluting and SPF boosting) organically certified (COSMOS & ECOCERT) ingredient in the personal care industry that are replacing ingredients that are bad for our ecosystems and our health. Research have also shown that Algica can increase the efficiency of solar panels with 4-38 % dependent on solar cell technology. Swedish Algae Factory seeks to disrupt the advanced materials industry and transform the way the industry views organic materials.

Notable Achievements

  • Sales initiated whilst still producing at pilot scale
  • Raised over 10 MEUR to date. Investors include Aqua-Spark, Formica Captial and Gladium Invest
  • CEO have been invited to host talks at UN and OECD

Currently Operating in 13 Regions

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