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Providing an innovative, online climate school for organizations and individuals passionate about solving climate change

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Anshuman Bapna

Founder & CEO at Terra.do

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Employees 21–50
Headquarters Stanford, California, United States
Terra.do is accelerating the climate movement at the practitioner level by offering various levels of climate courses for all those seeking to add a climate-conscious lens to their work.

Terra.do is building the global platform for working in climate, intending to transition 100M people into climate by 2030. They run cohort-based online programs for talented individuals that teach them everything about climate, plug them into a network of climate experts, and expose them to full-time/part/entrepreneurial work opportunities in the space. The company is led by an experienced founding team. Anshuman previously worked at Google, sold two internet businesses, and was CPO at NASDAQ-listed $3B online travel company, while his co-founder has been teaching climate for two decades across academia including Oxford.

Notable Achievements

  • Raised $6.5M to date from an incredible community of 150 individuals & funds

Currently Operating in 21 Regions

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