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Monika Tomecka

CEO at uFraction8

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Employees 6–20
Headquarters Falkirk, Scotland, United Kingdom
uFraction8 enables the global transition to sustainable biomanufacturing. To achieve this, uFraction8 builds the most efficient and scalable filtration solutions to solve sticky problems with harvesting and processing microbial cell cultures. uFraction8 builds products around a disruptive liquid particle processing technology that uses microfluidics-based filter systems to help bio-manufacturers harvest their products with better energy efficiency and scale. Their technology offers up to 15% better yields and 75% energy savings against the main three liquid processing technologies; filtration, flow centrifugation, and flocculation. Following the co-founders’ world-leading research and confirming results with customers through paid demonstrations, their technology is set to scale as they embark on mass manufacturing to meet customer demand.

Notable Achievements

  • Core chip technology patented in EU, US and Japan.
  • Secured £2.5M commercialisation investment In January 2022 to expand uFraction8's existing facilities, grow its team, scale its technology.
  • Esstablished a Polish subsidiary in 2019 to scale up operations.

Currently Operating in Seven Regions

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