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Providing the seafood industry with urchin roe while rehabilitating lost kelp forests

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Brian Tsuyoshi Takeda

Founder and CEO at Urchinomics

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Employees 6–20
Headquarters IJmuiden, North Holland, Netherlands
Urchinomics is a blue carbon credit generating, restorative aquaculture venture that aims to turn an environmental challenge into a commercial, ecological and social opportunity. Overfishing of predatory species, climate change and pollution has allowed sea urchins to explode in population. Uncontrolled quantities of sea urchins overgraze kelp forests and seagrass meadows, turning once pristine and vibrant marine ecosystems into lifeless, barren deserts, or "Urchin barrens". Urchinomics specifically targets these ecologically destructive, empty sea urchins and re-homes them into their ranching systems, where they are converted from an ecological pest to premium sea urchin roe, or "uni". And by removing them from the barrens, they help kelp forests recover to their original healthy ecosystem.

Notable Achievements

  • Closing EUR 5M fundraise with ENEOS, Japan´s largest energy company and one of the world´s largest Family Offices
  • Attracted over EUR 1,5M in philanthropic, government subsidy and grant funding
  • Launching the world's first commercial scale urchin ranch in Oita Prefecture, Japan in April 2021

Currently Operating in Eleven Regions

Press Mentions

September 9, 2021

These urchin slayers are trying to save California’s underwater 'rainforest'

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Work at Urchinomics

Posted February 14, 2022

Co-General Manager Position in California

California, USA

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