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Dylan Taylor

Chairman & CEO at Voyager Space Holdings

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Employees 201–500
Headquarters Denver, Colorado, United States
Voyager Space Holdings is a global leader in space exploration. They seek to increase vertical integration and mission capability to enable humanity’s most ambitious projects. Voyager works to democratize the Future of Space by acquiring majority ownership within new and innovative space companies and assembling their capabilities within one ecosystem. In doing so, they have created a space ecosystem for scale, enabling businesses to maintain agility and speed but thrive as a part of their larger community and platform. With acquisitions such as Altius, Pioneer Astronautics, and Nanoracks and clients like SpaceX and NASA, Voyager is disrupting the conventional wisdom around what is possible with the goal of unlocking the blockages to innovation and progress. Voyager believes that space is a tool for powerful transformation and a more sustainable way of life on Earth, not an escape route. By lending its voice and resources to further ESG's role in the NewSpace economy. Voyager seeks to illustrate how the diverse businesses in their 'orbit' are contributing to a sustainable future. 

Notable Achievements

  • Completed majority investments in Altius Space Machines, Pioneer Astronautics, The Launch Company, XO Markets (Nanoracks), and Valley Tech Systems.
  • Voyager Space's subsidiary, Nanoracks, has completed over 1,000 projects with the International Space Station, including the installation of the first commercial airlock.
  • Pioneer Astronautics, another Voyager Space subsidiary, is under contract with NASA to build and demonstrate hardware to produce oxygen and steel from lunar regolith, or moon dust.

Currently Operating in Three Regions

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Work at Voyager Space Holdings

Posted October 29, 2023

General Ledger Accountant

Denver, CO, USA

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