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Riccarda Zezza

CEO at Lifeed

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Employees 6–20
Headquarters Milan, Lombardy, Italy
We all have a life full of transitions, that often seem to be in conflict with our professional dimension: today you can unlock and bring to work the learning potential of life events, such as becoming a mother or a caregiver, divorcing or losing a job. Lifeed is radically innovating the way people train their soft skills through Life Based Learning: a proprietary learning methodology backed by scientific foundations and delivered through a digital platform. Lifeed digital modules allow users to improve their reflective capacity, emotional literacy and real-life practice through every life transition they experience. Furthermore, thanks to AI driven people analytics, companies can listen to their employees while they learn, extending to all their life dimensions the map of talents, skills, resources that they can use.

Notable Achievements

  • Developed an innovative, science-based learning methodology, in collaboration with main international Universities
  • Working with over 70 enterprises, 20.000 users generating more than 500.000 reflections on our cloud-based platform
  • Named by McKinsey & Company as one of the 10 most innovative companies in the world for employees upskilling

Currently Operating in Three Regions

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