Unreasonable Fellows

Riccarda Zezza

CEO at Lifeed

Riccarda is an Unreasonable Fellow. Riccarda was part of Unreasonable FUTURE 2021.
Riccarda Zezza is the founder and CEO of the EdTech company LIFEED and comes from a managerial background. Milan-based social entrepreneur, she works with working parents, caregivers and companies to redefine and leverage life transitions as periods of intense, valuable learning and professional growth (much like earning a Master’s degree). 
Through Lifeed, Riccarda is revolutionizing corporate training, helping companies see their employees’ life transitions as skill-building opportunities that benefit their work lives as well.
In 2018 named as Fortune’s Most Influential and Innovative Woman in Italy, Riccarda is an Ashoka fellow and her work has been praised in reports such as “The Skilling Challenge” and “ChangemakHERS”. She is the bestselling author of MAAM: Maternity is a Master that makes men and women stronger. She is also the mother of two amazing human beings and, against every stereotype on Italian women, a very bad cook.
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