Unreasonable Impact UK & Europe 2016



The world’s most powerful farm management software, globally increasing agricultural productivity, sustainability, and profitability.


Developing healthcare solutions for children with disabilities using 3D scanning and printing.

Biocarbon Engineering

Using drones to plant 1 billion trees per year to tackle industrial-scale deforestation.


Providing an off-grid, affordable, solar-powered water purification solution to customers at the base of the pyramid.

Elvis & Kresse

Reducing waste across the globe by creating beautiful, luxury products made from reclaimed materials.


A breakthrough technology that allows engines to run on excess hot water, decreasing companies' environmental impact while increasing profitability.

Growing Underground

Repurposing WWII air raid tunnels beneath the streets of London to sustainably grow herbs and leafy greens, saving energy and water.

GrowUp Urban Farms

Reducing waste products from agricultural production to produce leafy greens and fresh fish in previously unused urban brownfield sites.

Recycling Technologies

A highly sustainable solution to the rapidly growing problem of plastic waste.

Riversimple Movement

Manufacturing hydrogen-powered fuel cell electric vehicles in order to provide a zero-emission personal transport solution.


Unreasonable Impact Americas 2016


Accio Energy

Superior wind power at half the cost.


Enabling state-of-the-art communication services in rural areas with cost-effective and energy-efficient autonomous airborne platforms.

Bitty Foods

Improving the sustainability of the global food system with high-protein cricket flour and baking mixes.


Providing businesses with extremely accurate air pollution data, improving consumers' health and daily habits.


Creating solar light and power products to transform the way people across the world use and pay for energy.

General Fusion

Developing fusion energy — a powerful, clean, safe, abundant, and on-demand approach to generating electricity for the globe.


Profitably recycling carbon — transforming pollution and formerly wasted carbon emissions into ethanol at industrial scale.

Zola Electric

Bringing electricity to over 1,000,000 people across Rwanda, Ivory Coast, Tanzania, Nigeria, and Ghana with clean, solar energy.


3D-printing objects 30 times larger than competing desktop models, at a more affordable cost.


Using wind power to generate clean energy with affordable wind turbines.


Turning trash from the poorest neighborhoods in the world into purpose-filled, recycled fabric.


Unreasonable Impact Asia Pacific 2017


One Earth Designs

Powerful, versatile, easy-to-use, and fuel-free solar cooking stoves.

Richcore India

Eliminating contamination risks and creating safer medicines with animal origin free (AOF) proteins.


Reducing water waste by up to 50 percent and recycling up to 80 percent of wastewater for non-potable purposes.


Fostering a circular economy by collecting used clothing and household items to recycle and re-sell.


Building the world’s largest discovery and sourcing platform in the apparel supply chain for products to be made by a highly-skilled and fairly-paid workforce.

Alesca Life

Creating solutions that enable anyone anywhere to grow the safest, healthiest, and freshest produce.


Ultra-affordable, privately funded satellites designed to monitor the entire surface of the world — once per day.

Agri Info Design

Helping farmers to better navigate their crops through the world’s leading GPS tractor operation assistance app.


Providing 30 million small-scale farmers in India with solar-powered irrigation systems to affordably cultivate crops year-round and increase profitability.

Greenlight Planet

Providing solar-powered lighting and energy systems to over 7 million families who formerly had no access to electricity.

Bakeys Foods

Creating edible cutlery to help prevent 5 million tons of plastic from entering landfills.

Banyan Nation

Providing a better solution for waste management in India by recycling thousands of tons of plastic.


Award-winning biotechnology company enabling manufacturers to more ethically ensure their products are safe from harmful chemicals.

Lithium Urban Technologies

Operating India's first completely electric vehicle fleet, reducing carbon dioxide emissions in some of the world's most polluted cities.


Unreasonable Impact Americas 2017



Producing the world's most advanced tankless water heater and dishwasher that provides endless pure hot water on demand, controlled from a mobile device.

Lucid Energy

Harvesting formerly untapped energy by turning millions of miles of gravity-fed water pipelines around the world into generators of clean, environmentally-friendly, renewable energy.

Clara Foods

Improving the sustainability of the world's food systems by creating the first animal-free egg white.


Making household products that are 100 percent recycled, compostable, stylish, and performance driven.

Plant Prefab

Affordable and environmentally responsible high-quality, custom homes.


Responsibly and sustainably feeding humanity by growing flavorful, safe, and healthy food in the world's largest indoor vertical farm.

Memphis Meats

Developing a way to produce real meat from animal cells, without the need to feed, breed, and slaughter actual animals.


Leading innovative solutions to reduce fuel consumption and emissions for today's global shipping fleet.


Developing and delivering clean, affordable energy technologies that empower people to power themselves.


Replacing conventional chemical pesticides with high-performance, plant-based products for agriculture, the pest control industry, and consumer use.


Combining advanced biotechnology and carbon recycling tools to manufacture bio-based products that meet the demands of the future.

Unreasonable Impact UK & Europe 2017



Revolutionizing access to low-cost energy storage by reusing end-of-life lithium batteries in renewable energy applications.

Green Fuels

The world’s leading supplier of biodiesel processors, producing over 400 million liters of sustainable fuel every year in over 50 countries.

Sure Chill

Disrupting the entire cooling industry with new technology that doesn’t require a constant power source, enabling refrigeration of food products, life-saving vaccines, and more.


Reducing food waste and improving safety with a groundbreaking food expiry label that allows consumers to monitor freshness with a simple touch.

Kelda Technology

Reinventing the shower experience with a patented technology that cuts water use and heating costs in half, saving 180,000 liters of water per shower, per year.

Arvia Technology

Transforming the wastewater treatment process with patented technology to make water safe to reuse or discharge responsibly.


Fighting food waste with delicious snacks from unwanted or surplus food produce, saving over 100 tons of food from going to waste.


Transforming polluted cities into clean air zones by removing over 95 percent of nitrogen dioxide, along with all other pollutants, from the air.

Arcola Energy

Delivering cleaner and more efficient energy systems with unique hydrogen and fuel-cell technologies.


Developing biological, living lighting systems to revolutionize the way we illuminate the world.


Connecting billions of people by providing mobile power and internet service for the off-grid world.

Unreasonable Impact Asia Pacific 2018


Husk Power Systems

Powering rural communities with 100 percent renewable energy, through one of the world’s lowest-cost hybrid power plant and distribution networks.

Fourth Partner Energy

Leading the development of India’s distributed solar solutions, completing over 1,500 grid-connected and off-grid installations across 22 states.


Leveraging an IoT/SaaS platform to help manufacturers save time, money, and resources in the form of significant material, energy, and waste reduction.

Ampere Vehicles

Developing affordable, clean, and efficient electric vehicles to provide freedom of mobility, convenience, and empowerment to India’s aspiring middle class.

Ecozen Solutions

Changing the way India handles its perishables by building the country’s first-ever solar cold storage chain and providing intelligent solar pumping technology.


Creating the future of aquaculture with an IoT smart feeding technology to help hundreds of millions of farmers at the bottom of the pyramid.

FatHopes Energy

Converting waste oil into renewable biofuels that feed into the existing petroleum infrastructure, leading to a low-carbon future.


Transforming streetlights into resource-efficient platforms with proprietary IoT sensors, saving cities millions of dollars in electricity and maintenance.

RAD Green Solutions

Treating infectious biomedical waste safely with its revolutionary, environmentally friendly, non-incineration technology.

Ampd Energy

Developing state-of-the-art lithium-ion energy storage systems to provide clean, affordable, and dependable electricity to the billions of people who need it globally.


Democratizing healthcare with an AI-powered software that rapidly, affordably, and reliably diagnoses critical health conditions from medical images.

Leaf Resources

Utilizing a technology with the potential to replace virtually all petroleum-derived materials to transform plant biomass into sustainable products.

Heaven Springs Dynasty Harvest Group

Utilizing solar power and renewable energy to harvest safe drinking water from plain air in an efficient, low-carbon, eco-friendly way.


Fostering electrical democratization worldwide through its next-generation power semiconductors, with designs one-tenth the size of current devices.

Unreasonable Impact Americas 2018


Kuli Kuli Foods

Improving nutrition and farmer income through delicious moringa superfood products.


Providing grid-scale electricity storage by storing renewable energy as compressed air.


Delivering nickel-zinc based energy storage and delivery solutions for mission critical industries.

Natel Energy

Enabling climate resilient hydropower while maintaining the health of watershed ecosystems and the communities who surround them.


Building the carbon dioxide marketplace via breakthrough carbon capture technology.


Providing renewable, reliable, resilient power through free-piston Stirling Engine technology.


Recycling cotton garment waste to create premium, renewable fiber for the creation of new clothing.

Cambrian Innovation

Providing distributed installations to extract resources like clean water and energy from wastewater.

Zero Mass Water

Making drinking water an unlimited resource with SOURCE, a set of panels that make water from air.

Stony Creek Colors

Using bio-based textile dyes to bring sustainability to farmers while empowering fashion brands with transparency.

Vital Vio

Reinventing disinfection to safely and continuously kill germs, mold, and fungi with the flip of a light switch through advanced LED technology.


Building the world’s most advanced machine learning platform for Earth-observing satellite data and geospatial information.

Unreasonable Impact UK & Europe 2018


Econic Technologies

Creating new value from waste carbon dioxide for the plastics industry, building a future where greenhouse gas can be transformed for commercial and environmental gain.

SaltX Technology

Eliminating global carbon dioxide emissions by reducing energy consumption through energy storage in salt crystals.


Connecting neighbors and local shops so surplus food and other household items can be shared, rather than thrown away.


Delivering innovative liquid cooling technology for data center and edge computing, saving the IT industry energy, space, and money.

The Waste Transformers

Revolutionizing the way our planet deals with organic waste through on-site decentralized energy and nutrient hubs for hotels, harbors, shopping malls, and more.


Creating a new type of supermarket, powered by local people and a social enterprise business model.

Cleverciti Systems

Developing comprehensive, high-tech solutions for on-street and open air parking detection, monitoring, and guidance to reduce search traffic and carbon dioxide emissions.

Abundance Investment

Making it possible for people to invest in U.K. renewable energy projects.


Creating the world’s largest reuse marketplace that connects corporates to charities and people to redistribute unwanted items.


Developing the world's most efficient and sustainable way to produce protein.

Lumos Global

Offering clean, affordable solar power to a market of 1.3 billion potential customers who live off the electricity grid.