Unreasonable Fellows

Adi Reza Nugroho

Co-Founder & CEO at Mycotech Labs

Adi is an Unreasonable Fellow. Adi has participated in 2 programs, including Unreasonable GOALS 2024.
Co-founder and CEO of MYCL, a biotech startup that produces sustainable material for the global market. MYCL provides high-performance and low-impact bio material for fashion and building applications.
Graduated from the School of Architecture, Bandung Technology Institute (ITB) in Indonesia, Adi has been passionate about entrepreneurship since early days. He was previously Co-founder & Creative Director of Growbox, a company that provides do-it-yourself mushroom growing kit. Together with the co-founders, Growbox pivoted as MYCL (or also known as Mycotech) in 2015.
Under his leadership, MYCL has been recognized both locally and internationally such as 2017 Architecture & Urban Design Biennale in Seoul, 2018 DBS Social Enterprise Awards, and 2019 MIT Solve Circular Economy Challenge. Adi is also Australia Awards Scholars for its short term program in 2018, focusing on International Business Readiness at the Queensland University of Technology.
Adi finds that being part of the social entrepreneurship ecosystem is also being part of the world’s solution, not only for the profit but also with impact.