Unreasonable Mentors

Andy Middleton

Chief Exploration Officer, The TYF Group

Andy is an Unreasonable Mentor. Andy has participated in 6 programs, including Unreasonable CHANGE 2022, and has advised over 63 Unreasonable companies.
Andy is the founder and director of TYF, a leading sustainability and education consultancy. TYF has helped around 250,000 people learn, connect, and refresh mind and body in the wild outdoors, boardrooms and online. The company works with government, business, and young people to close the gap between knowing and doing in all areas of sustainability, helping its customers fall in love with nature so deeply that it changes the way they live whilst building unshakeable confidence of their ability to make the difference that counts.
Andy is also a founding partner of The DO Lectures, a company that runs iconic events in West Wales, Northern California, and Southern Australia, and invites people who have done amazing things to tell the world about it. He's a Non Exec Director and trustee of two environmental charities and advises Government Ministers on innovation strategy and sustainability. With North Star Transition he co-leads Wales Transition Lab, drawing leaders from food, farming, wellbeing and conservation together to optimise the impact they could create at the intersection of their interest.