Unreasonable Mentors

Andy Middleton

Chief Exploration Officer, The TYF Group

Andy is an Unreasonable Mentor. Andy has participated in 8 programs, including Unreasonable Impact UK & Europe 2023, and has advised over 99 Unreasonable companies.
Andy is founder and Chief Exploration Officer at UK B Corp TYF, experiential learning specialists with a 35 year track record of impact. TYF's mission is to connect people to nature so deeply that it changes how they live, and develop fearless curiosity to ask the questions that drive positive change. He is CEO at Slipstream Impact, forensic accounting specialists with a 'transformation as a service' model for corporate clients that generates millions of additional resource to accelerate sustainability action.
He is a founding partner of The DO Lectures, running iconic events worldwide that share stories of people and businesses changing the world. He's a Non Exec Director and trustee of two environmental charities and advises Government Ministers on innovation strategy and sustainability. With North Star Transition he co-leads Transition Labs that drawing leaders from different sectors together to optimise the impact they can make through aligned goals