Unreasonable Fellows

Ankit Mathur

Co-founder at Greenway

Ankit is an Unreasonable Fellow. Ankit was part of Unreasonable Impact Asia Pacific 2021 (Nov).
Ankit is a mechanical engineer and a management professional by training. He started up right out of college with an idea to develop a derivatives information platform for retail investors in India. After the collapse of this short-lived venture, accelerated by subprime crisis, he founded a consulting firm for helping organizations and communities with renewable energy, energy access as well as carbon credits. Subsequently, in late 2021, he co-founded Greenway Grameen with his co-founder, Neha Juneja, with the idea to design and distribute products for rural households.
Over the years, Greenway has become a leading improved cookstoves manufacturer and distributor globally. Along the way, Ankit has led setting up India's largest improved cookstoves factory. At present, he's involved in structuring carbon projects for voluntary carbon markets taking advantage of Greenway's robust supply chain and extensive distribution network. He loves reading, traveling and indulges in birdwatching whenever an opportunity arises.