Unreasonable Fellows

Annie Leeson

Co-founder & CEO at Agricarbon

Annie is an Unreasonable Fellow. Annie was part of Unreasonable Impact UK & Europe 2024.
Annie Leeson is a biochemist turned marketeer turned strategy consultant with 17 years developing innovation and decarbonisation strategies for global corporates and cities. Annie is also trained in corporate coaching, leadership, culture, workforce engagement and productivity, and co-founded the global data business, Leesman Index, in 2010 which exited in 2022.
She co-founded Agricarbon in 2020 and recently completed a Series A fundraise to accelerate international expansion and develop a data-led commercial platform for soil health monitoring; a journey greatly enriched by the vast network of talented, generous and galvanised peers in this industry. 
Having travelled adventurously as a youth, Annie is now a homebody working from the idyllic setting of a mini re-wilding project; enchanted by wild animals, pampered by adoring, and slightly ridiculous, dogs and talented chef/cheerleader husband, invigorated by swimming and mountain biking in nearby ancient forests.