Unreasonable Mentors

Antoine Monod

Head of Asia

Antoine is an Unreasonable Mentor. Antoine has participated in 2 programs, including Unreasonable Impact Asia Pacific 2022, and has advised over 28 Unreasonable companies.
As the head of strategic business development for Resource Recycling System Asia, Antoine leverages over two decades of experience in business development and 10 years in sustainability advising Asian-based organizations on their corporate development. Key focus areas for Antoine include plastic waste management, business transformation strategy, and circular economy development. His sustainability journey started with his research on corporate governance in North American and English law. Antoine was responsible for establishing the first publishing green chair at the Singapore Book Publishing Association and promoting the use of FSC paper in the industry. His work took on an international dimension when asked to develop corporate social responsibility (CSR) marketing communication programs for Ruder Finn’s clients across Asia. Prior to RRS, Antoine was head of business development at Circulate Capital where he engaged with corporate, institutional, and private investors operating in South and Southeast Asia on the Ocean Fund, dedicated to preventing ocean plastics and advancing circular economy.