Unreasonable Fellows

Barry Kayton

Co-Founder & Co-CEO at Cognician

Barry is an Unreasonable Fellow. Barry was part of Unreasonable FUTURE 2020.
Barry Kayton is CEO of Cognician, which he co-founded with his brother and business partner, Patrick. Their vision is to be the world leaders in helping organizations activate behavior change at scale. Barry has been developing and delivering learning, change management and coaching solutions to organizations globally for over 20 years. Barry and Patrick, began their partnership in 1999 discovering that reflection and self-expression yield higher learning gains than drill-and-kill training. Encouraged by their impact on more than 500,000 students and 20,000 teachers in Southern Africa, they launched Cognician. Since 2010, the Cognician platform has helped people to improve their work and lives through programs that drive action and reflection across global organizations. 
They were awarded high impact entrepreneurs of the year by Endeavor in 2013.