Unreasonable Mentors

Bear Kittay

Social Alchemist

Bear is an Unreasonable Mentor. Bear was part of Unreasonable Impact UK & Europe 2024, and has advised over 12 Unreasonable companies.
Bear Kittay, is a social-alchemist who connects deeply to individual people and unites one of a kind networks for the betterment of society and this planet. Bear’s role has been deep in the ecosystems and networks of innovation, culture and emerging technologies. He weaves together people and capital from unique contexts and communities, catalyzing unparalleled transformative potential. He is an active early stage angel investor and has facilitated 200m+ investment in impact tech and transformational real estate projects. Bear’s true magic is his capacity to ground and activate the great potential of his networks in placed-based embodiments and experiences. In his former role leading global development and special projects for Burning Man, Bear spent time incubating and aligning communities across 40+ countries and led the acquisition of Fly Ranch, Burning Man’s year-round home. Bear is founding partner of Kundavi, a regenerative development company focused on creative placemaking. He is also a partner at the legendary art Hotel El Ganzo, which he helped steward into becoming the first B Corporation hotel in Mexico. In addition to being a published and touring musician as both a singer/songwriter and, of late, a live electronic artist and also oversees the iconic underground recording studio in the hotel. His recent work with Kimbal Musk on disrupting philanthropy and developing Big Green DAO’s proof of concept has brought him to the present moment, where he is directing his energy toward global and societal transformation via Earth One.