Unreasonable Fellows

Chelsea Chee

Founder & CEO at MAEKO

Chelsea is an Unreasonable Fellow. Chelsea was part of Unreasonable Impact Asia Pacific 2020.
As a transformational leader and visionary in business combining both high technology and impact driven cause, Chelsea has always been looking for a pioneering business for the environment.
A life-time in building businesses both in the field and corporate experiences give Chelsea an edge in creating business ideas and skills in founding MAEKO.
Founding MAEKO was magical, bringing together the core values of MAEKO, “less wasteful more useful” brings Chelsea even closer to finding the main purpose in building a business embedding a circular economy principle to conserve Mother Earth by valorizing food waste into resource to grow food.
After close to a decade of Research and Development, MAEKO is proud to have created the most cutting-edge composting technology in the ASEAN region. Chelsea created MAEKO with a singular intend of helping the country – and the world – achieve ZERO FOOD WASTE.
Her 25 years of experience in running businesses has made her believe, “it is you in every business and not the business in you”.