Unreasonable Mentors

Clara Probert

Managing Partner - Madonna Capital

Clara is an Unreasonable Mentor. Clara has participated in 2 programs, including Unreasonable Impact UK & Europe 2023, and has advised over 26 Unreasonable companies.
Clara Probert, a managing partner of Madonna Capital and former banker, is a seasoned professional with vast experience in corporate banking, technology project leadership, managing venture debt funds, and business strategy for large institutions. She has also worked with companies in some of the most active technology markets worldwide, including the UK, US, and Israel.
Clara is an asset to companies seeking to scale their businesses, with a particular focus on supporting fundraising, structuring and implementing scalable propositions, and leveraging her extensive network in the technology and finance ecosystem. She has successfully mentored a variety of innovative tech businesses, from retail tech to SaaS businesses, to realize their growth potential. 
Clara draws on her extensive industry experience and expertise to help guide individuals and businesses towards success.