Unreasonable Mentors

Jessica Rothenberg-Aalami

CEO, Founder at Cell-Ed

Jessica is an Unreasonable Fellow. Jessica has participated in 2 programs, including Unreasonable FUTURE 2019.
Jessica Rothenberg-Aalami, Ph.D., is the CEO and founder of Cell-Ed, a customizable messaging platform that delivers training, nudging, and coaching to those facing even the greatest skills gap - all over any mobile device. A Silicon Valley native and entrepreneur for over 20 years, Rothenberg-Aalami has co-designed and delivered technology solutions that bridge education, digital and opportunity divides in more than 40 countries. Her experience spans work with major technology companies (e.g., Microsoft, Hewlett Packard), international organizations, governments, umbrella NGOs, and on-the-ground partners. An active collaborator and speaker, Rothenberg-Aalami is the co-author of Technology at the Margins: How IT Meets the Needs of Emerging Markets and holds advanced degrees in International Development, Business and ICT Design from UC Berkeley, University of Oregon, and Harvard. She is joined by a seasoned management team and passionate group of teachers, curriculum developers and technologists who aim to close skills gaps in 3 minutes over any mobile device so people thrive.