Unreasonable Fellows

Jim Laird

Co-Founder & CEO at Enough

Jim is an Unreasonable Fellow. Jim was part of Unreasonable Impact UK & Europe 2024.
Jim Laird has worked in the food industry for 30 years, running frozen beef and chicken factories for Unilever in the nineties, managing the Quorn brand internationally in the noughties and becoming Co-Founder and CEO of ENOUGH (formerly 3F BIO) in 2015.
ENOUGH's goal is to grow 1 million tonnes of high-quality protein in the next decade, commencing from their first site in the Netherlands which currently has capacity for 10 thousaund tonnes per annum.
Achieving this requires collaboration across all parts of the value chain and ‘standing on the shoulders of giants’, as a team spanning 3 location and 15+ nationalities ENOUGH is motivated by a collective purpose to make protein sustainable and “to do something where the impact is bigger than us”.