Joanne is an Unreasonable Fellow. Joanne was part of Unreasonable Impact Asia Pacific 2021 (Nov).
Joanne Howarth is a social entrepreneur, Founder & CEO of the Planet Protector Packaging (PPP), environmentally friendly packaging company. Leading the pack on the sustainable front, their award winning product Woolpack, is made from sheep waste wool, and used for the transport of temperature sensitive food and pharmaceuticals as an alternative to polystyrene.
After studying economics at the University of Sydney & an MBA at UTS, Joanne embarked upon a journey that has seen her evolve as a serial entrepreneur.
“At the end of the day, it’s not the money we earn or the things we own that matter, it is the difference we made to the lives of others, to our communities, and to the planet!” There are few more worthwhile pursuits than driving positive change, and while it’s true that nobody can do everything, everyone can do something!
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