Unreasonable Fellows

Keith Agoada

Co-Founder & CEO at Producers Trust

Keith is an Unreasonable Fellow. Keith has participated in 2 programs, including Unreasonable GOALS 2023 (Brazil).
: Keith has worked in the supply side of the agricultural industry for 14+ years. Keith’s passion for supporting producers is the initial inspiration behind the Producers Market platform. He envisions disrupting the $4 trillion agriculture value chain industry by creating a world that is fully organic and empowers farmers with better payments and end-consumers with more transparency to the source of production. Producers Market is working with 1000+ producer groups across 80+ countries. K
Keith is the founder of the commercial urban agriculture firm, Sky Vegetables, which pioneered the integration of greenhouse hydroponic agriculture in urban environments. After being acquired of its majority ownership, Keith consulted in the founding and initial development of leading organic agriculture real estate developer in Latin America, Simply Natural. Prior to his work with Producers Market, Keith spent the previous four years in international procurement development roles for UNFI, Global Organics, VegFresh Farms, and other leading organic brands in the United States.