Unreasonable Mentors

Mike Miles

Educator in Finance, Entrepreneurship & Social Entrepreneurship | Startup Mentor, Investor & Advisor | Board Member | INSEAD GEMBA Alum | Retired Microsoft GM

Mike is an Unreasonable Mentor. Mike was part of Unreasonable Impact UK & Europe 2024, and has advised over 12 Unreasonable companies.
With 20 years at Microsoft focusing on product development, strategic leadership, and operational excellence, Michael is a seasoned tech executive turned social impact leader. Recently, he pivoted to academia as a Mentor-in-Residence and Lecturer at UofA, focusing on graduate and undergraduate entrepreneurship and social impact and leading impact-focused workshops in US and Europe. `Michael serves on the executive board of a Global Health nonprofit and a Social Entrepreneurship Accelerator and an advisor to numerous mission-driven organizations, applying his corporate skills to make a tangible difference in these organizations. As an early-stage investor and regular speaker at the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center, he provides invaluable insights on social impact, entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurial finance. Michael has a unique blend of technical skills, corporate acumen, dedication to equity, and profound commitment to social impact.