Unreasonable Team

Mohanjit Jolly

Global Investor and Advisor; Current Partner at Iron Pillar VC, Former Partner at Garage Technology Ventures and DFJ

Mohanjit is an Unreasonable Board Member and Mentor. Mohanjit has participated in 10 programs, including Unreasonable GOALS 2023 (Costa Rica), and has advised over 127 Unreasonable companies.
Mohanjit is a Partner at Iron Pillar, a growth-stage venture fund investing in Indian tech startups. Mohanjit has led Iron Pillar's investments in Uniphore, Vyome, CoreStack, Jiffy, Fold, Pando, Sibros and Ushur. He has worked with and invested in technology startups since 1998. Previously, Mohanjit was a Partner at DFJ managing DFJ's India portfolio. Prior to DFJ, Mohanjit was Managing Director at Garage Technology Ventures, a seed and early stage VC firm. Earlier in his career, Mohanjit was part of the strategic planning group at Mattel. While earning his MBA from the Anderson School at UCLA, Mohanjit helped launch ViaSpace, a technology incubator in conjunction with Caltech and JPL. Mohanjit has a B.S. and M.S. in Aero-Astro from MIT and is also a Trustee at the SETI Institute.