Unreasonable Mentors

Sara Kalick

Leadership and strategy consultant, The Possibilitarians

Sara is an Unreasonable Mentor. Sara has participated in 6 programs, including Unreasonable Impact Asia Pacific 2022, and has advised over 80 Unreasonable companies.
Sara spent her first 7+ years at SYPartners working with clients to define and enact bold visions and strategies—and to transform companies and cultures to live up to their ambitions. Her clients have included CEOs and executive teams at Kohl's, Girl Effect, Campbell, ANN Inc., AARP, Yahoo, J&J, IBM, Merck, Celgene, Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA), Swisscom, and American Express.
For the past three years, Sara has focused on turning SYPartners's deep leadership expertise into new products and experiences to help unleash the best in the next generation of leaders.
Now, after relocating to Portugal, Sara is taking on her own clients, helping individuals, teams, and organizations design and activate their future. She designs conversations, experiences, and products that help individuals, teams, and companies unlock their potential. Passionate and curious about the intersection of the future of work, learning, and leading. Her work spans from advising start-ups, to coaching leaders, to helping organizations transform. She lives in Portugal and work globally.