Unreasonable Fellows

Vijayaraghavan Palat


Vijayaraghavan is an Unreasonable Fellow. Vijayaraghavan has participated in 1 program, including Unreasonable Impact Asia Pacific 2019.
Vijayaraghavan spent over a decade in rural development services, based out of the Nilgiris district in Tamil Nadu. As the economy of the district is driven by horticulture, Vijay saw a business opportunity in this space. Given the state of traditional agriculture and the uniqueness of Nilgiris produce, Vijay put together a plan to improve the farming practices by engaging with the farming community and post-harvest management of crops with the help of technology. This led to the founding of LEAF in 2009 along with few friends who shared his dream. Under his leadership, LEAF has created a business that engages directly with the farmers, and that processes, sorts, grades, packs, and supplies safe and fresh vegetables. Today, LEAF is a pioneer in several aspects of the horticulture value chain, benefiting farmers, consumers, and retailers in southern India. LEAF has ambitious plans to expand its base of operations to other parts of the country.