Unreasonable Fellows

Winstone Edward Odhiambo

Founder & CEO at EDOM

Winstone Edward is an Unreasonable Fellow. Winstone Edward has participated in 1 program, including Project Literacy Lab 2016.
A social entrepreneur with focus on developing solutions to address the debilitating effects of Malnutrition on economic growth, loss of economic output and increased spending on health. I have produced & managed content on cost effective micro-nutrient interventions, gained in-depth details of the existing integrated micro-nutrient delivery systems (supplementation & Nutrition programs), their yearly unit costs per person and their specific benefit-cost ratio. I’m a firm believer of the growing recognition that the status quo is no longer an option And we must pursue new ways of renewing and revitalizing both our systems of capitalism and of Government. My most recent research was carried out on how best to widen the use of Poverty and Social Impact Analyses(PSIAs) to assess the intentional & unintentional effects of development policies on nutrition outcomes in the face of the fact that there are multiple organizational stakeholders in nutrition, so malnutrition often falls between the cracks both in government & development assistance agencies- the partial responsibility of several sectoral ministries or agency departments But the main responsibility of None. My core interest therefore is about investing us in one another for the long-term, attaching real stakes (which traditional charity often fails to do) and real engagement in poor communities to the goal of long-term social impact, not short-term financial gain.