Unreasonable Capital

Unreasonable Capital believes that entrepreneurs building rapidly scalable businesses are our best bet for solving significant social and environmental challenges. We invest into and support for-profit companies across emerging markets such as Africa, Southeast Asia, and Central and Latin America. We focus on companies solving specific issues related to endemic poverty: working in clean energy access, financial technologies, innovations in agriculture, and ethical-fashion and supply chains.

Investing at the very early stages of a company’s development (checks as small as $50k), we prefer to support our entrepreneurs over multiple rounds of financing. We will invest up to 25% of any given financing round but never more than a million dollars. Because of the global footprint of our fund, we will only invest when another investor in the syndicate has operations and experience investing into the country the enterprise is based in. Ultimately, we look to align and partner with world class entrepreneurs positioned to help bend history in the right direction.