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Kelp Blue

Harvesting and processing kelp canopy for sustainable agri-foods, fertilizer, pharmaceuticals, and textiles

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Caroline Hooft-Slootweg

Co-Founder, CCO/CMO at Kelp Blue

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Employees 21–50
Headquarters Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands
Kelp Blue operates across the full value chain of kelp cultivation and processing with the goal to boost ocean health and lock away CO2. Only the canopy of the kelp is harvested to create sustainable end-products. HQ'ed in Amsterdam, with operations in Namibia and NZ. Revenue comes from the sales of biostimulants, used by the agricultural sector to increase crop yield and reduce the need for chemical fertilisers. The remaining pulp can be processed into a a further range of end products, all with environmental benefits. Their offshore kelp farms will eventually be able to offset 0.2-0.5 gigatons of CO2 by 2050 while also increasing the biodiversity and ecosystem resilience in oceans. They have a four-acre test plot set up off the shores of Namibia and plan to scale by adding 10 acres of forests each month.

Notable Achievements

  • have raised over USD $10m so far
  • have secured licences to operate in multiple locations
  • patent pending processing technology with offtake agreements secured for pilot production volumes

Currently Operating in 45 Regions

Work at Kelp Blue

Posted September 5, 2023

Marine Monitoring Data Engineer

Amsterdam, Netherlands/Namibia

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Posted September 5, 2023

Quality Control Specialist

Amsterdam, Netherlands/Namibia

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