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Disrupting conventional manufacturing with novel 3D printing and thermoforming technology

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Carrie Howe

Managing Director at What The Future

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Employees 6–20
Headquarters Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands
What the Future creates breakthrough batch-to-mass manufacturing technologies with a focus on accelerating the transition to sustainability at an industrial scale. It reinvents existing processes with breakthrough perspectives, helping manufacturers realize the untapped possibilities of engineering, digital design, and 3D technology to minimize production cost, business risk, and environmental impact. The company's technology is currently utilized in two commercial applications, custom confections (ice pops, chocolate, gummies) and circular footwear production.
With a long value chain, traditional manufacturing takes a long time to market new products. It is costly and complex for brands to ramp up or scale down mass production, making it more difficult to meet customer demand. With their patent-protected and breakthrough manufacturing technology, What The Future enables localized manufacturing that is more sustainable, cheaper, and more agile. In doing so, they are remaking the future — of our products, our industries, and our planet.

Notable Achievements

  • Proven production of a product per second on a pilot line in Amsterdam.
  • Fast turnaround for large scale and last minute requests.
  • Full scale equipment set up in Meridian, MS to produce 5 million pairs per year.

Currently Operating in 15 Regions

Press Mentions

January 25, 2024

Behoud het buitenlands talent voor onze techsector

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