Unreasonable Fellows

Insiya Jafferjee

Co-Founder & CEO at Shellworks

Insiya is an Unreasonable Fellow. Insiya was part of Unreasonable Impact UK & Europe 2024.
Insiya Jafferjee is Co-Founder and CEO of Shellworks, a startup building the new generation of materials, that are like plastic in performance, but zero-waste wherever they end up.
They are starting by building beautiful packaging solutions for the personal care industry that are petroleum-free, microplastic-free, shelf-stable and home-compostable - all enabled by their proprietary innovative biotechnology process. At the end of its useful life,
once disposed of, it will fully break down in any environment, leaving behind zero microplastics.
Originally from Sri Lanka, Insiya has previously worked for Apple and Ford and holds a B.Sc in Product Design from Stanford University and an M.A and Msc. from Royal College of Art and Imperial College.