UK & Europe Programme

Virtual — October 2020

Unreasonable Impact UK & Europe

Unreasonable Impact UK & Europe is a multi-week virtual gathering designed to support growth-stage ventures across the UK & Europe by providing entrepreneurs with the resources, mentorship, and global network of support that they need to rapidly create jobs and address key global issues. This programme marks the eleventh cohort of the Unreasonable Impact movement worldwide. Successive programmes will be launched in the Americas and Asia Pacific creating a global network centered around scaling impact entrepreneurs as job creators.


Unreasonable Impact is privileged to work with the following companies for this programme.

[ companies will be announced soon ]


Delivering 100 percent hand-prepared, vegan, and sustainable meals to doorsteps across the UK.


Placing biological systems at the heart of building technologies, materials and manufacturing methods

Connected Energy

Repurposing valuable second-life electric vehicle batteries via stationary battery storage systems

Deep Branch Biotechnology

Transforming carbon dioxide directly from industrial emissions into a nutritious and sustainable single cell protein

Eco Wave Power

Harnessing ocean and sea waves to generate clean and affordable electricity


Providing environmentally sensitive concrete solutions to enhance ecological value and increase durability of marine infrastructure


Empowering the solar power revolution with robotic cleaning solutions


Reducing food costs and wasted resources for the hospitality industry

Novihum Technologies

Using high-value organic matter to transform depleted soil into fertile land


Allowing millions to enjoy the benefits of an electric car without the long-term commitment

Project Etopia

Combining energy, construction and intelligent technologies to create the eco cities of the future

Silicon MicroGravity

Bringing online a new, robust, and ultra-sensitive gravitational sensing technology.


Creating viable, fully compostable flexible packaging solutions to help nurture the soil for a plastic-free world

Worn Again Technologies

Developing circular recycling technologies for textiles, replacing virgin resources with recaptured raw materials

Mentors + Specialists

We are forever grateful to the mentors and specialists who participate in the Unreasonable Impact UK & Europe programmes.

[ mentors will be announced soon ]

Demo day

Our goal will be to align the participating entrepreneurs with the top foundations, funds, family offices, and private equity firms providing aligned capital. This gathering will turn the traditional dynamic of investment — two organizations on opposite sides of the table — upside down as we bring together entrepreneurs and investors as peers in much more intimate and personal environment.