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How to Keep a Global Team Aligned with “Tea Time”

As a global team, it is essential that we align around a shared vision and invest in the culture and health of the organization. Tea Time is a one-hour meeting held three times monthly that enables us to do just that.
Future of Food

Indonesian Aquaculture Unlocks the Future of Global Food Supply Chains

Aquaculture is a major key to the future of global food supply, and eFishery's fish feeding technology has revolutionized sustainability in the industry.
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How to Run More Effective Brainstorm Sessions

This collaborative brainstorming technique mines the collective genius of a group so that all voices are heard and a greater number of ideas can be generated.
Company Culture

How to Build a Culture Worthy of Your Company

Culture is vital to the productivity of a company and its employees. Here are five suggestions on how to create a culture ideal for your company.
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How to Stop Working and Be More Productive

Sometimes the best way to get more done is to step back from your work entirely.

In Defense of Leuser: A Trek to Document the Unknown

Leuser is the last place in the world where the critically endangered Sumatran tiger, elephant, rhinoceros, and orangutan can be found together. For now.