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Scaling impact across the Americas

Launched in 2016, we are now in our 6th year of supporting growth-stage ventures operating at the nexus of advanced technology, profit and impact.

To date, alongside our partners at Barclays, we have supported 79 ventures headquartered across the Americas that are uniquely positioned to create the jobs of tomorrow while solving our most pressing societal and environmental challenges. The Americas program is part of Unreasonable Impact's broader global initiative that is actively supporting 250+ ventures across the world.

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Meet our 2022 Americas Cohort

Each year we identify and privately invite a select portfolio of growth-stage ventures to join the Unreasonable Impact Americas. Below are the 12 ventures who are a part of the 2022 cohort.

This cohort is supported by a curated community of Unreasonable mentors, investors, and Barclays' colleagues. Together this community of support is dedicated to championing the growth and impact of the ventures now and into the future.

79 Ventures are part of Unreasonable Impact Americas

The Unreasonable Fellowship is supported by a global community of 1,040 Mentors — from industry experts to renowned executives and policymakers. Below are just some of the Mentors who are proactively supporting our Americas cohorts.

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Chid Liberty

Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of Liberty & Justice

Georgie Badiel

Founder of the Georgie Badiel Foundation and Former Miss Africa

Neeta Rastogi Singh

Chief Financial & Chief Operating Officer

Tom Chi

Founder of At One Ventures

Kathryn Wortsman

Impact Venture Capitalist

Chinedu Echeruo

Serial Entrepreneur; Dreamer

Mohanjit Jolly

Global Investor and Advisor; Current Partner at Iron Pillar VC, Former Partner at Garage Technology Ventures and DFJ

Frances Cabrera

Vice President - Citizenship at Barclays

Mark Thain

Director, Social Innovation at Barclays

Ty Tashiro

Social scientist and author of THE SCIENCE OF HAPPILY EVER AFTER and AWKWARD: The Science of Why We're Socially Awkward and Why That's Awesome

Arturo Elizondo

CEO at The EVERY Company

Christiana Musk

Unreasonable Chairwoman, Flourish Ventures, passionate about the future of food

Rénard Harris

Diversity Consultant

Lisa Dyson, PhD

Chair at Kiverdi; CEO at Air Protein and CEO at Kiverdi

May Jaramillo

Americas Head of Sustainable and Impact Banking

Tom Hoskin

Global Head of Corporate Communications

David Lichtman

Americas Deputy Head of Equity Research

Christopher Aw

Investor / adviser / technologist - focused on the sectors of film, finance, food/agriculture, waste management, water, energy, healthcare, and industries that are experiencing technological transformation

Alex Miller

Senior Relationship Management, Director

Wayne Suiter Matamoros

Chief Strategy Officer, Unreasonable

Matt Spence

Head of Venture Capital Banking

Patricia Wexler

Investor backing entrepreneurs building massive businesses that move humankind forward

Andrew Garcia

Americas Co-Head of Alternative Capital Solutions

Chris Yeh

Investor, Writer, Mentor, Serial Entrepreneur and Partner of Blitzscaling Ventures

Danny Kennedy

Chief Energy Officer at New Energy Nexus

Jennifer Cho

Director, Head of Citizenship, Barclays US Consumer Bank

Brian Reilly

Global Head of Sustainable and Impact Banking

Stacy Conn

Managing Director

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